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People @ Goddard

Carey Turnbull

Alumni, Trustee

Carey Turnbull was Chairman of energy brokerage firm Amerex Energy, which he co-founded in 1983, and whose North American operations were sold in 2006 to become the energy brokerage division of NYSE listed GFI Group (NYSE:GFIG).  He is presently co-founder and Chairman of North American Power, a retail energy marketer.

North American Power was recently recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of America's top 100 most promising companies.

Carey graduated from the Goddard College resident undergraduate program (BA RUP) in 1973, where he met his wife who, after an extended break, returned and graduated from Goddard’s low-residency program in 2006, and went on to earn an MA from Goddard in 2008.

Carey has been happily married for 32 years and has two children, a 31-year-old son and a 29-year-old daughter.  He divides his time between New York and Bar Harbor, Maine.