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Fred Wilber

Fred Wilber is the owner and founder of Buch Spieler Music in Montpelier, Vermont. He was born in New Berlin, New York, in 1951. When he was in second grade his family moved to Clifton Park, New York. Wilber’s interests during his junior and high school years were music and filmmaking. In fourth grade, he began playing the piano and making super 8 movies criticizing the Vietnam War and child abuse.

In high school, Wilber was elected senior class president even though he didn’t want the position. His friends, who thought he should run, collected enough signatures to get him on the ballot. His campaign speech advocated for more freedoms and opportunities for self-direction for seniors. The speech was reviewed by the class adviser who felt that it was too radical. Wilber wrote a new speech and got it approved, but delivered the original anyways. The teachers were shocked, the students cheered, and he was elected president.

Wilber graduated from high school in 1969 and applied to Goddard College. He graduated from Goddard in 1973, with Buch Spieler Music as part of his senior study. The business enters its 40th year in January of 2013.

Over the years Wilber has been a member of many musical ensembles, including Butch Casio, Ken Sleeps Naked, Maddub, and, now, MadMan3. He also served as the director on the Twinfield School Board for six years and was a founding member of the Onion River Arts Council.

Wilber married Patty Morgan in 1985. Their daughter, Morgan, was born in 1986.