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Forest Davis

Friend of Goddard

Forest K. Davis (1918-2008) graduated from Harvard College before joining the Army Air Force in 1943. Following the war, he finished his studies at Harvard Divinity School.

Forest began working at Goddard College in 1950 as Director of Admissions and Records under Royce “Tim” Pitkin. For the next seventeen years, he served in a variety of roles: Head of Records, Philosophy Faculty, Dean of College Administration and finally, Dean of Greatwood. Forest left Goddard in 1967 to work at Wilberforce and Empire State College until his “retirement” in 1983.

Forest also founded Adamant Press, a publishing house that specialized on educational theory. He wrote and published Things Were Different in Royce’s Day (1996),, The College Since Royce’s Day (2003) and Goddard Themes: From the Seminary into Recent Times-1863-2005 (2006.)

From 1996 to 2008 Forest volunteered in the Goddard College Archives. He and several other former staff members and alumni were largely responsible for collecting, organizing, and preserving the history of the College.