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Jill Mattuck Tarule

Alumni, Trustee

I am a Professor the Leadership and Developmental Sciences department at the University of Vermont (UVM). 

I grew up at Goddard (parents Robert and Corinne arrived during a snow storm in 1938 and stayed as faculty for the next 50 years).  I also graduated from Goddard, taught at Goddard, was a dean at Goddard, and am married to a retired Goddard faculty member.  Goddard and progressive ideals and education have been a guiding compass in my life and work.  Not always at Goddard physically, I have been a faculty member, associate provost, dean and other  leadership roles at Lesley College (now University) and at UVM.   I have a masters and doctoral degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and an honorary doctorate from the University of New Hampshire School for Lifelong Learning. My publications include co-authoring Women’s Ways of Knowing: the Development of Self, Voice and Mind, co-editor of Knowledge, Difference and Power: Essays Inspired by Women’s Ways of Knowing and The Minority Voice in Educational Reform, An Analysis by Minority and Women College of Education Deans, as well as articles and chapters on adult learners, women as leaders and leaders’ moral decision-making. Among the awards I’ve received, three capture what have been abiding concerns and commitments: the Pomeroy Award for Outstanding Contributions to Teacher Education and the Gender Equity Architect Award from the American Association of College of Teacher Education and the Jackie M. Gribbons Leadership Award from the Vermont Women in Higher Education.