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Goddard Named Top Ten College for Free Spirits

Goddard Named a Top College for Free Spirits
August 30, 2012 recently named Goddard College a top college for free spirits, for our "blend of freedom and academic rigor." According to the article, the schools chosen for this designation "reflect the independent spirit and history of the U.S., showing an inspiring attitude toward real-world learning, helping others and caring for the environment."

"If you're looking for colleges with a creative atmosphere, flexibility, unusual programs and outdoor living, here are 10 options (listed alphabetically). Many of these schools emphasize social service and environmental responsibility. The academic focus encourages in-depth, independent thinking, and you can balance out that study time with activities like juggling, kayaking, martial arts or African drumming.

We picked these 10 schools for their blend of freedom and academic rigor. Some let you design your own course of study or choose from cutting-edge majors like sustainability or humanitarianism. Attending school online can offer flexibility in scheduling, and some programs require only limited residency on campus. Some colleges welcome working adults and individuals seeking career experience in addition to studies. Just remember, these green-living, life-loving environments are not for wimps -- learning comes first.

Goddard College: (Plainfield, Vt.) You can help design your study program and do most of the work at home, enjoying the flexibility of online schools along with personal involvement and face time with advisers and peers. Nearly half a century ago, the college pioneered the low-residency format, which includes an intensive eight-day residency on campus each semester. The college aims for real-life learning and a culture of questioning and collaboration, with study topics such as sustainability. As of 2011, the enrollment had grown to about 800.


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