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Students Reflect on the Psychology & Counseling Art Exhibit #2

Thu, 2013-04-11 15:57 -- Anonymous (not verified)
MA Psychology-Counseling Blog
Students Reflect on the Psychology & Counseling Art Exhibit #2


Being part of the Goddard family has blessed me with the opportunity to express myself in ways that are extremely natural to me.  Creating art, and then being able to show it in this year’s Expressive Arts Exhibit, was a way to travel full-circle through my research and learning process.  Coming from an art background, I have been able to attend many opening exhibits all over the world.  What really stands out about Goddard’s exhibits is that everyone attending is truly there for the art process and experience.  I really felt a genuine interest and curiosity by the attendees and highly recommend taking advantage of this experience.
 By Cherie Crowningshield (MA PSY)

I have had the opportunity to attend two residencies for the Master of Arts in Psychology and Counseling program.  One of the great pleasures of these residencies is the Expressive Arts Exhibit.  This year’s exhibit allowed me to see my peers and future colleagues express their learning in creative ways.  This exhibit continued to inspire me to think outside the traditional learning box and I was honored to gain a small look into the vastly creative minds of my peers. 
 By Berkeley (Schmidt) Nappi (MA PSY)

Photo credits: photos and paintings by Cherie Crowningshield


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