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Website Changes

Thu, 2012-07-05 11:51 -- Kyle

Website Change Request Form

Instructions for filling out this form:

  1. Enter Your Name
  2. Enter Your Email
  3. Copy and Paste the URL of the page you wish to change into the URL field on this form.
  4. If the change can be described in ONE SENTENCE please use the simple change box and log the issue in that box.
  5. If you have multiple edits to the text on the page, please follow directions below:
    • Open MS Word
    • Select all and copy the text of the page you need changed and paste it into the word document
    • Put the URL of the page you just pasted into the document at the top
    • Turn on Track Changes (This is under Tools > Track Change > Highlight Changes)
    • Make your text edits
    • Save the file
    • Upload the Word file using the file uploader on this form. 
  6. Hit Submit
  7. If you have changes for more than one web page, reload this form and start from step one. 
Please enter your name.
Please enter your email address.
Please enter the URL (they look like this: http://www.webaddress/something) of the page that you wish to be changed.
If your changes are quick, simple and can be described in one short sentence type them here.
Please upload any images or pictures you need added to the website here.
Please upload the word document with the changes tracked here.