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Taking a trip with Saturn People’s Sound Collective

Taking a trip with Saturn People’s Sound Collective

I decided to spare you my usual sketchy iPhone photos in favor of great shots my Free Press co-worker, Maddie McGarvey, took at the Saturn People’s Sound Collective rehearsal we attended last month at Goddard College.

The central Vermont conglomerate The Saturn People’s Sound Collective received one of the longest ovations upon entering the stage at FlynnSpace tonight that I’ve ever heard during the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival. I know a lot of that had to do with appreciation of the talent of the group’s members. It also had something to do with size; it takes a long time for a 20-member band to take the stage. It’s like watching baseball players get off the team bus.

Not surprisingly, the Saturn People create an onslaught of sound. That’s a given when half of your members are horn players. They creates much of the sheer strength of the group led by trumpet player and composer Brian Boyes, but what The Saturn People’s Sound Collective is up to is way more than just a tower of power.

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