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Alumni Update Form

Mon, 2012-06-25 11:36 -- Admin

Alumni Update Form

You Are Very Important to Us!

Goddard College's alumni are ambassadors for the school and carry Goddard's commitment to progressive education with them throughout the world. You are an inspiration to everyone in the Goddard Community, especially current and prospective Goddard students, and we want to hear from you.

Let Us Know What You Are Up To

Please fill out the form below to update us on what you are doing! Give us your address, phone number, email address and any information you would like to share with us to stay connected to the Goddard community. News submitted on this form may be printed in Clockworks, our biannual alumni magazine, and may be printed in other Goddard publications and/or social networking sites.  For more information, contact

Have You Been Receiving Clockworks?

Clockworks is a biannual publication. We would like to make sure that you receive each and every issue. Please make sure that we have your current mailing information.

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