June 2014

Reflection from Graduating Student Mushkan DeFilippo

This collage represents my vision of the woman I have become through my time at Goddard, and, thanks to my life experiences over those years, how I see myself as a therapist. I chose the image of The Birth of Venus by Botticelli, partially because I am Italian and also as a symbol of birth […]

May 2014

Dr. Wendy Phillips Talks about Expressive Arts Therapy Emphasis

Artwork by Wendy Phillips. Over the last five years at Goddard College, we have explored ways to integrate the arts into the Psychology and Counseling department. We have developed ways for students to include creative works as components of coursework, supported students as they incorporated art into their work with clients at internships and practica, […]

The Mediocre Meditator: Brain Science and Procrastination

       Faced with writing what seemed like an endless number of papers when I was in graduate school many years ago, I stumbled across a method for overcoming procrastination.  Much more recently, in the November-December 2013 issue of The Psychotherapy Networker I came across an article that grounded my method in physiology. Eureka! […]

Student Reflections on Drama Therapy & Embodied Play

  Group Drama Therapy Session led by new MA in Psychology & Counseling student Sarvenaz Moshfegh Asiedu on April 1, 2014…   “Coming from an expressive therapy program into a counseling psychology program, I am reminded how much I need to connect with people through embodied play.  When we engage the body, we engage a […]

April 2014

A Painting a Day: Reflection from Jacqueline Overstreet

  Art as a Daily Practice: a reflection by MA in Psychology & Clinical Mental Health Counseling student Jacqueline Overstreet: “I have almost hit the three-month mark and I am almost a quarter of the way through the biggest artistic commitment I have taken on so far in my life. On Monday, January 13, 2014, […]

March 2014

Keeping Going with Creative Work

For artists’ whose vocation is the creation of works of art as well as persons who use artmaking as a vehicle for self expression, keeping a practice going can be a daunting task. There are times when the solitude of the darkroom is a balm for the pressures that come from living in the world. […]

Self-Compassion at the First

  Even though you can’t fail at meditating, meditating is all about failure. What I mean is this: Since you have this goal of focusing on the breath (or the sense of the whole body or whatever you’ve chosen) and since focused attention is, as the psychologist Steven Stosny says, “the most easily exhaustible and […]

February 2014

Expressive Arts and the Body

Last October, my Jungian Seminar in New Orleans coincided with Halloween. So you can imagine the metaphysical and celebratory possibilities there were in NOLA at that time. Among the offerings was the Voodoo Music Festival with rock music, art, and of course food! Our hotel, the Best Western in Metairie hosted the Tattoo VooDoo Expo. I […]

January 2014

Expressive Arts Reflection from Student Mushkan Defilippo

  These first images were produced for the course Trauma and Addiction. The first panel represents trauma. The images convey the different causes of trauma, childhood abuse, natural disasters, violence, war. The idea that I want to convey is that trauma shatters the inner world. Reality looks like a broken mirror, the images don’t fit, […]

When Bad Things Happen to Good Meditators

  As it turns out, if you meditate long enough the devils of self-criticism and fear may decide to make an appearance.  In my reading about meditation I had come across allusions to this but I didn’t pay attention, in part because I couldn’t imagine it.  Meditation had either offered me some gifts of clarity […]