February 2016

Jacob Brennan talks about his Internship Experience

In this video, Psychology & Counseling student Jake Brennan shares a musical composition he made as he processed what learned in his Goddard internship. Read his statement below: “As an artist I am always reflecting on what is going on within and around me through my art. Last year, I started interning as a full-time clinician […]

January 2016

Personal Process in Multimodal Expressive Arts

In Multimodal Expressive Arts, “Personal Process” describes the counselor or psychotherapist’s Expressive Arts work done in relation to her own lived experiences. By participating in Multimodal Expressive Arts the counselor works through and is healed related to experiences in day to day life. Through “Personal Process” work, the psychotherapist experiences what the client will experience […]

November 2015

A Collaborative Multimodal Expressive Arts Workshop at Residency

At our fall residency, Expressive Arts Therapy Emphasis student Natalie Hogge and faculty member Wendy Phillips collaborated in the creation of a six-hour Multimodal Expressive Arts workshop held in segments over three days. Our goal was to offer students and colleagues an opportunity to experience Multimodal Processes and to reflect on these experiences in preparation […]

September 2015

Student Melissa Sivvy Shares Her Expressive Arts Work

In my experience as a child from a middle class white family with a psychologist as a father, assessment testing was a game for me. I was my dad’s guinea pig, solving WISC puzzles and word problems as his students gathered around to watch. It was a kind of performance, really. This semester, I have […]

Jonathan Katz receives honorary doctorate; 15 earn master’s in psychology and counseling

PLAINFIELD, Vt. — Comedian and actor Jonathan Katz received an honorary doctorate and 15 graduates earned master’s degrees in psychology and clinical mental health counseling at Goddard College’s Sept. 6 commencement ceremony. Goddard President Robert P. Kenny presented Katz with the Doctor of Humane Letters, honoris causa, given to individuals who have distinguished themselves in […]

August 2015

Congressional recognition awarded to Goddard faculty for her empowerment work

Dr. Kristal C. Owens Gayle, a faculty member in the Psychology & Clinical Mental Health Counseling program, received a Congressional Recognition from the U.S. House of Representatives on June 22nd for “improving the quality of life of men, women, and families” through the work she does at the Empowerment Center, a non-profit she founded in 2004.

May 2015

The Mediocre Meditator Turns toward Fear and Includes a Lesson in the History of Psychology

When I was coming up, professionally, in the middle of the 1970s, my colleagues and I at The Women’s Mental Health Collective in Somerville, Massachusetts had this idea (or maybe we didn’t have this idea ourselves but rather there was an idea around, part of the zeitgeist, the cultural atmosphere). The idea was that in […]

Student Sharon Hughes’ Expressive Arts Mandala Project

Below, Sharon discusses the mandala she made as part of her course in Psychopathology in Goddard College’s Psychology and Counseling’s Expressive Arts Therapy Emphasis Program. Artist Statement For psychologist, Carl Jung, a mandala symbolizes “a safe refuge of inner reconciliation and wholeness” (Robertson, 1992).  It is a fusion of distinctive elements in a unified scheme representing […]

February 2015

The Mediocre Meditator Shares (with permission) Stories From Mother and Daughter Goddard Students

Leslie Whitcomb, a graduate student in the Counseling and Psychology Program, sent me this story about her daughter Thora’s meditation practice.  Leslie is the mother of eight children and is currently doing her counseling internship in a community mental health clinic, where she has already been asked by two different staff to apply for a […]

December 2014

The Mediocre Meditator Tries To Disappear Into Her Suffering

Some of the meditation teachers I admire write or say things I have never heard before. Often these sentences simmer a long time on the back burner of my mind before I understand what they mean either in the abstract or to me. In his book Ending The Pursuit of Happiness  Barry Magid, the New York […]