February 2015

The Mediocre Meditator Shares (with permission) Stories From Mother and Daughter Goddard Students

Leslie Whitcomb, a graduate student in the Counseling and Psychology Program, sent me this story about her daughter Thora’s meditation practice.  Leslie is the mother of eight children and is currently doing her counseling internship in a community mental health clinic, where she has already been asked by two different staff to apply for a […]

December 2014

The Mediocre Meditator Tries To Disappear Into Her Suffering

Some of the meditation teachers I admire write or say things I have never heard before. Often these sentences simmer a long time on the back burner of my mind before I understand what they mean either in the abstract or to me. In his book Ending The Pursuit of Happiness  Barry Magid, the New York […]

November 2014

Multimodal Expressive Arts Seminars

At the fall 2014 residency, we explored Deborah Koff-Chapin’s practice, Touch Drawing.  We improvised and repurposed available surfaces (cafeteria trays, and cardboard covered with sheets of adhesive vinyl) as well as sheets of plexiglass. The surfaces were coated with oil paint, covered with newsprint and then we drew – from the unconscious using our hands […]

The Mediocre Meditator: A Tale of Two Experiences

A friend and I went to a Meditation Workshop for Beginners. This was some time ago.  The workshop started at ten in the morning and ended at four. It consisted of  alternating periods of sitting or walking meditation, and then talks by the guiding teacher, followed by questions and answers. On the long drive home […]

October 2014

The Mediocre Meditator Deconstructs An Early Morning Moment Using Buddhist Psychology and Other Points of View

What can I say?  Every morning that I loll in bed past six a.m., which is to say most mornings, I am condemned. By whom?  Myself, of course. The judge within. This is how it goes: I’ve slept well. Outside the birds are trilling their light morning tunes.  Cotton sheets rub against my skin. It […]

Sharing Expressive Arts Work in Academic and Professional Settings

In the Psychology and Counseling Program at Goddard, we have many opportunities to share the personal Expressive Arts works that we have made. We also share, in experiences with clients, what we learn about the principles of Expressive Arts Therapy theory. We share work in our Expressive Arts Exhibit and Opening at residencies, in our dialogues […]

September 2014

Grief Work and Expressive Arts by Student Matt Mulligan

Our Expressive Arts Emphasis Art Exhibition Opening in the Haybarn Theatre Gallery always creates a special container for us to experience each others’ work made during the past semester.  This time during the fall semester, several students created work as an expression of grief. There had been losses of loved ones in recent months as […]

Student Tamara Liaschenko’s Expressive Movement Creation and Reflection

MA in Psychology and Counseling student Tamara Liaschenko presents the expressive movement piece she created as a component of her individually designed course in Social and Cultural Foundations integrating Expressive Arts Therapy content. In her words: “This piece represents the resilience and love gained from growing up in my family, the gifts my grandmother shared, […]

International Expressive Arts Therapy Association Latin America Regional Conference Part 2

  Here, I continue to tell the story of my experience at the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association Regional Conference in Antigua, Guatemala. We attended a lunch presentation at a developing residential program for children who have terminal illnesses and their families. The complex of traditional rustic buildings was situated in a rural setting.. The […]

August 2014

Expressive Arts Reflection From Nirodha Stearns (MA PSY ’14)

Nirodha Stearns graduated from the MA in Psychology and Counseling program in March, 2014. Here is his reflection on his expressive arts project: “I completed fifteen “Soul Cards” spanning personal experiences over my lifetime as well as more recent work with individuals struggling with co-occurring disorders usually manifesting in substance abuse. They are a collage […]