March 2015

Student Myrto Schwab Attends Shalefield Justice Spring Break

Goddard’s Undergraduate Studies Program is proud to co-sponsor the Shalefield Justice Spring Break from March 6-13, 2015. The seven-day training is being held in the Marcellus shalefields of eastern Pennsylvania. Undergraduate Student Myrto Schwab was selected by faculty to represent Goddard at the Shalefield Justice Spring Break. Myrto has been working with other Vermonters to […]

February 2015

Notes from the Field: Faculty News

Annie Abdalla is immersing in a creative project she calls, “The Process of Abstracting: Searching for Essence.” In Annie’s words: “I’m curious about the parallels between the habits of mind and the habits of mark-making. My work is turning to landscape – stimulated by my years of living in two very different landscapes each year, […]

January 2015

Notes from the Field: Alumni Notes

Aly Simpson (IBA ’14) joined faculty members Suzanne Richman and Bobby Buchanan at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) conference in New York City in November. Aly, who studied at IIN before coming to Goddard, performed and spoke about his educational experiences at Goddard in front of a huge audience of 1,200 people with 5,000-7,000 […]

Goddard in the World – Black Lives Matter

A number of Goddard students, alumni and faculty shared news of their involvement with #Blacklivesmatter and related anti-racist organizing efforts around the country: Ya-Ping Douglass (IBA ’16) and Nikhil Goyal (IBA ‘16) have been involved in various actions in Massachusetts and New York City. Devin Mason (BAS ’15) participated in a vigil in Craftsbury, Vermont. […]

June 2014

The Soil-Health-Sustainability Continuum

Mike Puckett (BAS ’15) is exploring the relationship between soil health, food health, human health, and living sustainably. To create thriving soil, he has been researching soil nutrients, composting practices, and the role of mycelium in soil remediation. He is building a raised bed garden that demonstrates how to grow health-supporting food using sustainable practices, […]

May 2014

Johnny's Jubilance

Graduating student Johnny Ridenour (BAS ’14) chimes in about what brought him to Goddard: “When I finally got it together to return to school after 20+ years off, I thought of Goddard. My Dad did the same thing when he looked for a way to fit graduate school into a busy family life in the […]

April 2014

Sustainability News and Resources

  All news and resources below are reported from the Goddard Sustainability Listserv, April 2014. To join the Listserv, please email Catherine Lowther.   Jean-Martin Fortier: A Model for Profitable Micro-Farming: Earn a living gardening on just 1.5 acres Jean-Martin Fortier and his wife, Maude-Hélène are a thirty something couple who have been farming successfully […]

March 2014

An Ecovillage Leader

Cynthia Tina (BAS ‘15) lives in an ecovillage in Massachusetts and is exploring ecovillages as physical expressions of the worldview of the “interconnection” that we need to experience in order to move beyond the separation that characterizes many mainstream lives. She feels that this shift in consciousness is at the heart of creating change in […]

August 2013

A Beginning Farmer Shares Her Journey

Kelly Allen (BAS ‘14) is developing a small farm in Maine where she is growing and marketing vegetables to individuals and restaurants. Her self-designed studies this semester included garden preparation, permaculture design principles, soil science, composting, cold climate farming practices, growing fruits, grains, and beans, GMOs, seed saving, how to market vegetables, and an evaluation […]

April 2013

The "Why" of Tiny

Meet Mariah Coz (BAS ‘14), left. She lives in a renovated 1960s off-grid trailer she named “The COMET” (Cost-effective, Off-grid Mobile Eco Trailer) while she pursues her studies in Tiny Houses in relation to the environment, the economy, and sustainable principles. Mariah is also exploring the space outside of a tiny house – small, intensive, […]