October 2014

Mumia Abu-Jamal Commencement Speech, Oct. 5, 2014

This past fall, Goddard College made national headlines and ignited a fierce debate when the graduating students of the Undergraduate Studies Program invited controversial prisoner and Goddard alumnus Mumia Abu-Jamal (BA ’96) to speak via recorded remarks at their commencement. Above is the prerecorded speech, which was played alongside the slideshow for the modest 23 […]

April 2014

News & Achievements – Spring 2014

ALUMNI Maryanne Bartzen-Murray (IBA ‘12) is graduating this spring from the New School University in New York with an MA in Media Studies and Media Management. Maryanne got married in March 2013. Ryan Brown (IBA ‘12) accepted a job with the National ACLU to serve as the Marriage Campaign Strategist. He will be advising ACLU […]

Trust: A Commencement Address by Faculty Sara Norton

  Undergraduate Program Faculty member Sara Norton was invited by graduating students to deliver the March 2014 Undergraduate Program Commencement Address, transcribed below. I want to thank the graduating students, for inviting me to speak today. It is a privilege to celebrate with you your achievement. Here at Goddard, each graduating class is unique and […]

March 2014

Meet Alumna Lauren Russell (IBA '11)

  “I dropped out of high school when I was seventeen and had filled years with autodidactic learning by the time I arrived at Goddard at age twenty-four. Because much of my experience of formal education until that point had been disastrous, I came to the residency in a state of terror, and I would […]

“Rouse Me Like a Life" by Desmond Peeples (IBA '14)

  “Goddard! Shivers up my spine like fingertips, the name does rouse me like a life. The place has given me no less than life, in fact – and a life of the kind I thought was out of the question. “I came to Goddard in 2010 at a younger age than many these days, […]

August 2013

"To White Folks: The Collective Lament of Trayvon Martin is Not Your Anti-Racist Political Platform”

by student Suzahn Ebrahimian A founding member of the OCCUPY movement, Suzahn is a prolific writer and identifies herself as Iranian-American and social agitator. In her moving, critically astute essay in response to the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman trial and verdict, she argues that “passion and fury,” alongside issues of race privilege, must be acknowledged and […]

Summer Reports from the Field: Conversations on Race, Place & Refueling

  Between our challenging spaces of academic “doing” over the summer months, there is also the need for periods of renewal, that allow us to experience the season’s measured plodding and time to contemplate how our studies, practices and social commitments might be deepened and refueled. One of the events that I expect to participate […]

July 2013

Dialogue, Slow Living, & the Mandela Legacy

by Pamela Booker and Karen Stupski In the midst of summer’s scorching temperatures experienced across the country, South Africa celebrated with the world, Nelson Mandela’s 95th birthday on July 18th. Although there continues to be grave concern for “Madiba’s” (the endearment used for the beloved elder statesman and also the name of the Xhosa clan […]

The Power of Indigenous Documentaries

A highlight for me of the Spring 2013 Port Townsend Undergraduate residency was our guest presenter Tracy Rector (photographed above by David Conklin.) Tracy is Executive Director and Co-Founder of Longhouse Media whose mission “is to catalyze indigenous people and communities to use media as a tool for self-expression, cultural preservation, and social change.” Tracy […]

June 2013

Digital Storytelling Takes Off at Goddard

  At the Spring 2013 Port Townsend Undergraduate residency [photo above by David Conklin], and again at the Goddard Alternative Media Conference on May 18th, I led digital storytelling workshops. As a sociologist, I am interested in personal narrative as a research methodology.  Plus, I am drawn to knowledge that is accessible to audiences inside […]