March 2014

"Why I Love Goddard!" Juanita Martin (BA HAS '14)

  BA in Health Arts & Sciences student Juanita Martin, entering her Level 8 semester, on what makes Goddard College special: “I landed at Goddard at the ripe age of 51 with more college experience than a graduating PhD student, but I had not completed any one degree.  I had credits in various fields, from […]

January 2013

One Student's Amazing Work With Midwives for Haiti

In the fall of 2010, six months after Haiti’s devastating earthquake, Jenna Schmitz (BA HAS ‘13) moved to Hinche in Haiti’s Central Plateau, 37 miles north of Port-au-Prince. Trained as a Certified Professional Midwife at Birthwise Midwifery School (which has a credit-bearing partnership with Goddard College), Jenna volunteered with a Haitian-led organization called Midwives for […]

Twinkling Genius

In July 2012, Neely Cohen (BA HAS ’12) reached the final round of Food Network’s “Sweet Genius”– a dessert competition. Neely and the other remaining contestants awaited instructions on what mystery ingredients they would need to include in their dessert stand-off. The winner of the challenge would get $10,000 and national recognition. The host, pastry […]

November 2012

Making a Safe and Empowering Birth Culture: Interview with Alumna Amy Chavez

  17 years ago, Amy Chavez (BA HAS ’11, MA HAS ’13) paused her college career in order to raise her two daughters, now 16 and 13. While raising her children, Amy became a doula, studied herbalism, received her associate degree in science, a massage therapy license, and became a childbirth educator and prenatal yoga instructor.  In […]

October 2012

An Integrative Approach to Crohn's Disease

Four years ago, Carina Rockland (BA HAS ’13) was hospitalized for six weeks with an unknown diagnosis. She had severe abdominal pains and was malnourished, vulnerable to septic shock, and showing no signs of improvement. Just after Carina’s last surgery, weak and perilously underweight, a gifted acupuncturist visited her hospital room and helped Carina feel […]