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Wendy Phillips, PhD, MS, LMFT's blog

Wendy Phillips, PhD, MS, LMFT's picture

Artwork at the Psychology and Counseling Spring Residency


It’s wonderful to be back on Goddard’s campus in the midst of the mountains as spring insistently pushes its way in.

We welcomed new students and presented our Expressive Arts opening in the Haybarn Theatre Gallery for the 6th time. As usual, the container created by the works on the wall, the artists’ presence and performance art became a liminal space and a geographical location of transformation. 

Wendy Phillips, PhD, MS, LMFT's picture

Looking Forward to Residency and Expressive Arts

For me, a magical aspect of residency is getting ready: making airline reservations, planning the seminar I will teach, hearing from students about the artwork they will exhibit and present, and looking forward to conversations with students and faculty colleagues on campus.

Here is a “sneak preview” of the seminar I will lead this upcoming residency (April 5-12, 2013). This seminar combines two of my favorite activities, handwork and storytelling & folktales:

Wendy Phillips, PhD, MS, LMFT's picture

Artwork and Reflection

by MA in Psychology student Cherie Crowningshield of Port Kent, N.Y.


When I was eleven I was intrigued by the thought of travel.  The idea that someone could get on a plane and before long be immersed in a new culture, and environment always fascinated me. 

When I reached high school I met my best friend, Minako Matsui.  She was a foreign exchange student from Japan who chose to leave the stability of her home to learn in the United States.  We soon became great friends, for we were both so interested in each other’s lives. 


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