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Michele Clark, MEd, MA's picture

The Mediocre Meditator: Deconstructs An Early Morning Moment Using Buddhist Psychology and Other Points of View


What can I say?  Every morning that I loll in bed past six a.m., which is to say most mornings, I am condemned. By whom?  Myself, of course. The judge within. This is how it goes: I've slept well. Outside the birds are trilling their light morning tunes.  Cotton sheets rub against my skin. It all feels delightful. Why get up and lose this deep savoring? I say to myself. The Buddhist principle here: Human beings cling to pleasure.

Wendy Phillips, PhD, MS, LMFT's picture

A Glimpse into the Experience of an Expressive Arts Emphasis Residency


When I prepared to travel to my first residency at Goddard five years ago, a colleague who would become a good friend told me that Goddard was like “summer camp for psychologists.”  Now, as I reflect on my residency experiences, I realize that he was absolutely right.


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