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MFAIA Alumnus Creates Financial Resource Guide for Artists

Congratualtions to E. Larson Gunness (MFAIA '10) on his recently published, highly-accessible financial planning resource for artists and creative practitioners, Peace, Love, and Financial Planning: Financial Literacy for Right Brained People. The book grew out of Larson’s MFAIA practicum work, and his personal journey of connecting his life as a creative practitioner with his professional work as a financial planner.  

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Reading Diets


One of the wonderful things about being in an MFA program is getting assigned books one would otherwise never read. I treasure those books that I discovered only because an advisor pushed it in front of me and insisted that it would blow my mind. My attitude as a student was to seek out the most challenging, unique, and varied books I could find.

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MFAIA faculty Devora Neumark Explores “The Third Realm of Beauty”


On September 19, 2012, Devora Neumark, MFAIA faculty member at the Vermont campus, gave a presentation titled Dialogic Live Art Performance and the Exploration of Third Realm Beauty as part of the Hexagram-Concordia Research-Creation Brown-Bag Series. The presentation was convened with the following overview:

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MFAIA faculty and alumna named New Urban Arts Fellows

MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts faculty member Rick Benjamin and alumna Beth Nixon (MFAIA '09) have been named Arts Mentoring Fellows at New Urban Arts in Providence, RI for the 2012-13 year. Fellows support New Urban Arts’ artist mentors, share artwork or ideas about community arts practice and work as artists-in-residence.

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Residency Blog Entry from Student Cricket Greer


In my undergraduate work at Goddard, we had a rich movement community.  At each residency, we did Authentic Movement work with a professor who uses it in her private practice.  I have loved the group work that I have done with Authentic Movement (AM) and have engaged in several groups over the years.  I am presently not involved in expressive arts beyond my music job, so I wanted to revisit this work and bring this rich modality into the community here in the context of a workshop.  


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