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Catherine Lowther, PhD, MA's picture

The "Why" of Tiny

Meet Mariah Coz (BAS ‘14), left. She lives in a renovated 1960s off-grid trailer she named "The COMET" (Cost-effective, Off-grid Mobile Eco Trailer) while she pursues her studies in Tiny Houses in relation to the environment, the economy, and sustainable principles.

Mariah is also exploring the space outside of a tiny house - small, intensive, high-density food and energy production landscapes, and Tiny House community models.

Student Leslie Whitcomb Reflects on Expressive Arts Therapy

Sun, 2013-04-14 19:01 -- Anonymous (not verified)


In life sometimes I get so caught up in all the mundane and necessary things that I forget why I started to do something. Or why I am walking down a specific path. In learning to counsel with people and to listen to them I became so caught up in the information and the process of learning that I forgot why I started to go down this road. 

Student Reflection on Psychology and Counseling Art Opening #3

Thu, 2013-04-11 17:32 -- Anonymous (not verified)


From Greta Enriquez (MA PSY)

I was very nervous sharing my artwork. For me art is so personal and the interpretative aspects of viewing art compounded my anxiety. That was before I was called on to introduce my product. Stepping up in front of my classmates was immediately calming- the support and acceptance was palpable.

Wendy Phillips, PhD, MS, LMFT's picture

Artwork at the Psychology and Counseling Spring Residency


It’s wonderful to be back on Goddard’s campus in the midst of the mountains as spring insistently pushes its way in.

We welcomed new students and presented our Expressive Arts opening in the Haybarn Theatre Gallery for the 6th time. As usual, the container created by the works on the wall, the artists’ presence and performance art became a liminal space and a geographical location of transformation. 


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