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Why I Teach at Goddard

A few blocks from where I now live, on a late summer afternoon, I stopped in my tracks and stared at the sidewalk for some time. I was an undergraduate art student, probably 19 years old, and particularly vexed by the opaque and impenetrable rationale of the art school curriculum I was enduring. Somehow, in my furious walk from campus toward my apartment, for the first time I articulated a question that would become a central concern of my career: how do we learn anything

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"To White Folks: The Collective Lament of Trayvon Martin is Not Your Anti-Racist Political Platform”

by student Suzahn Ebrahimian

A founding member of the OCCUPY movement, Suzahn is a prolific writer and identifies herself as Iranian-American and social agitator. In her moving, critically astute essay in response to the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman trial and verdict, she argues that “passion and fury,” alongside issues of race privilege, must be acknowledged and challenged.

Poem Written by a Student in Tribute to David Frisby

Tue, 2013-08-27 23:16 -- Anonymous (not verified)
Something, Sometimes

        by Diana Abath

Something told me to move towards you
A camaraderie of the skin—yet not that simple

A connection of the heart, the mind
No—for I knew neither about yours or mine in that moment

Something told me to move towards you
A message—in your stance, your sitting, your comfort to just be

Sometimes we need others to show us how to just
Be—with our selves, in our work, in our worlds

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Summer Reports from the Field: Conversations on Race, Place & Refueling


Between our challenging spaces of academic “doing” over the summer months, there is also the need for periods of renewal, that allow us to experience the season’s measured plodding and time to contemplate how our studies, practices and social commitments might be deepened and refueled.

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July 2013 Achievements

Students and Alumni

Kyle Bella (MFAW ’14) had an essay called "Queering racialized bodies," which explores the relationship between the poetry of Akilah Oliver, Ronaldo Wilson, and the intersections of queer identity and race published online at the Jacket2.

Donelle McGee (MFAW ’12) had two poems published in the summer issue of Brainchild Magazine.


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