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Undergraduate News & Achievements - Fall 2014

Welcome to the Fall 2014 installment of our Undergraduate Program (UGP) Community News & Achievements, highlighting updates about UGP students, alumni, and faculty in our BA in Sustainability (BAS), BA in Health Arts & Sciences (BA HAS), and Individualized Bachelor of Arts (IBA) degree tracks. 

I’m always inspired by what our community is up to and trust you will be, too. Please share widely!


Magical Evening at Cabaret

Mon, 2013-02-04 02:39 -- Anonymous (not verified)


Born from the inspiration of the INTERsections exhibit, Cabaret for the fall semester of 2012 was the manifestation of collaborative efforts between students and faculty, to showcase the immense talent and passion of Goddard students, in a harmoniously concise format. 

Mahogany Browne introduced the concept of the juke joint format, with several stages, throughout the theatre. 

Alumna Lynne Vanderpot on Jung and Expressive Arts in Psychology and Counseling

Fri, 2013-01-18 13:22 -- Anonymous (not verified)

I assume that many new MA in Psychology & Counseling students at Goddard can relate to the discomfort I experienced at first residency at being initiated into the process of, well, learning how to trust the process. To be perfectly authentic, I showed up on day one looking for much more explicit direction, and much less freedom to choose. Hey, what can I say, I was a friggin’ G1 newbie! Don’t judge.

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News and Achievements - November 2014

Welcome to the monthly MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts (MFAIA) program news blog! This is a regular avenue for the public to learn about the achievements and good work of our alumni, students, and faculty.


On December 19, 2014, Groundswell, an evening of dance, performance and storytelling by long-time socially engaged choreographer Suchi Branfman (MFAIA '17), brings together a community of art-making collaborators to wrestle with 2014.

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September and October 2014 Achievements


Deborah Brevoort will be a visiting guest artist at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY and Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan in conjunction with their productions of her play The Women of Lockerbie. In other news, Deborah was elected to the Board of the National Theatre Conference at their annual meeting in NYC.


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