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Degree Criteria

Degree Criteria for the BA in Sustainability Program

Students begin the program with Foundation Studies in the Ecological Dimensions of Sustainability, the Social & Economic Dimensions of Sustainability, Environmental Justice & Ethics, and Creating a Sustainable Life. Students then move on and develop a focus area in one or a combination of the following areas:

Sustainable Agriculture

For example, the science of soil fertility, organic methods of cultivation, permaculture practices, water management, season extension, agroforestry, ethnobotany, indigenous land management and local food systems.

Sustainable Energy

For example, the role of energy in the economy, energy descent, historical and current renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, and how to design and implement a plan to install solar, wind, biomass or small hydro.

Sustainable Economies

For example, ecological economics, sustainability and economic justice, globalism and sustainability, local networks for the provision of goods and services, alternative currencies, and socially responsible business.

Sustainable Communities

For example, ecosystems as models for human communities, the Transition Town movement, the psychology of social change, sustainability education, ecovillages, bioregionalism and sustainable community development.