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Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program

Welcome and thanks for your interest in Goddard! Here is an opportunity to speak directly with a Goddard graduate—someone who’s been through the program you’re interested in. They are our “Ambassadors”, folks who have volunteered to talk to prospective students—you—and to share their experiences as a Goddard student.

If they can’t answer a specific question, they know who to refer you to who can. But the best thing is that they know Goddard; they understand how a “low residency” program works; they’ve figured out how to be an adult college student on top of a life full of other commitments like jobs and family.

It’s easy: just select the program your interested in. You will see individuals who graduated from that program. They’ve each written a personal statement by way of introduction, and each gives you the best way to reach him or her.

All you have to do is contact them—you’ll be glad you did!

Anne Rutherford

Contact info:

My studies focused on art, theories of change and neuroscience, with additional work in public health education. I began with an interest in bringing alternative health to marginalized populations, and realized that many felt no control, no change to change their lives.... Read More

Avelynn Mitra

Contact info:

Before attending Goddard as an undergrad, my educational experience was quite varied, to say the least. I must have attended umpteen community colleges in various regions throughout the United States, as well as a small private school in Boston, and two large... Read More

Christine Goldbeck

Contact info:

As I update this narrative in early 2009, I ask whether I still feel as optimistic toward Goddard College as I did when I was completing my BA in 2003. Without hesitation, I answer that the IBA Program profoundly affected me and continues to have positive impact on my... Read More

Christopher Cordry

Contact info:

I transferred to Goddard's individualized BA program after completing my first two years at Humboldt State in California. For me, studying at Goddard was both frustrating and rewarding. I loved the residencies, and received much more thorough feedback from my Goddard... Read More

Claudia Turnbull

Contact info: 917/445-0232

When Claudia Turnbull's children were grown, she decided to learn more about a meditation practice stemming from Vedic teachings she had been following for thirty years. She needed either a low-residency or a distance learning program that would allow her to study... Read More

Cynthia Obrero

Contact info:

I entered Goddard intent upon discovering ways to bond together people of differing cultural and ethnic backgrounds. My studies and research took me from Cultural Anthropology to Psychology to Philosophy to Semiotics realizing, on the way, that my ultimate goal was to... Read More

Desiree Brooker

Contact info:

The mantra of Goddard College, “Trust the Process,” began for me during my first telephone interview with an advisor after I submitted my application for enrollment.  I was looking for a graduate school that would not only accommodate my continued studies in researching... Read More

Diane Nichols

Contact info: 425/771-3012

During the course of my studies at Goddard, I focused on creating peace in education and integrating the arts into elementary classrooms. This information was vital to me as I am creating an alternative school for students 3-12. My advisors pushed me to do my best work... Read More

Elizabeth (Frankie) Rollins

Contact info: 609/330-6329

My experience with Goddard was one of deep education and glory. I focused on fiction writing, and learned immensely from my mentors (even if it wasn’t what I expected to learn), and found the authentic sensibility of Goddard to suit me perfectly. I gained the lifelong... Read More

Erin Wilson

Contact info:

I have deeply benefited from my time at Goddard College. I came in as a member of the old campus based program in 1997 and eventually transferred to the low residency programs-  which are now the exclusive model for Goddard programs - to complete my BA. in 2003. A... Read More

George Chappell

Contact info:

I entered Goddard after a 30-year career in journalism because I wanted to learn to write poetry. I had looked at other low-residence programs, but Goddard clicked because of the response of its admissions office and a visit on a Discover Goddard Day, where I walked... Read More

Gerald Dryer

Contact info:
510 Stang Street Madison, WI 53704 608-438-1718 (call between 7 - 10 p.m. CT)

If you want to be intellectually, personally and spiritually challenged, go to Goddard. If you want an easy degree, go somewhere else. I don't even really care that I got a sheepskin (although it's useful), I'm more excited about what I learned and continue to learn as a... Read More

Hillary Webb

Contact info: 207/439-3021

When she came to Goddard, Hillary Webb had already written and published books on altered states of consciousness, but she wanted more academic experience and grounding. Her work in the low-residency MA in Individualized Studies Consciousness Studies Concentration,... Read More

Jacqueline Elmo

Contact info: 518-750-8394

The flexible nature of the MA in Individualized Studies program at Goddard allowed me to integrate my love of speculative fiction, cultural studies, and human nature and develop it into a viable, academic pursuit. My thesis consisted of a completed novel and an extensive... Read More

Jill Langford

Contact info: 401/486-0482

Hi! Chances are, if you're reading these bios, you have questions. I would love to talk to you to help you answer some of those questions as you consider Goddard! At Goddard I wanted to focus on gender studies within music education. I wanted to understand the... Read More

Josiah Litant

Contact info: 413/687-5320
MA in Education

My Goddard education was a wonderful, formative experience for me. As a scholar of education, I purposefully searched for a graduate program that emphasized student-driven learning and encouraged me to develop my own ideas. Goddard offered me this learning community – a... Read More

Kelly Johnson

Contact info:

The IMA program allowed me to combine and explore my interests in environmental and progressive education with my love of and foundation in art. Although I had a very clear vision of what I wanted to accomplish and stuck to it my idea gained a great deal of depth due to... Read More

Kevin Price

Contact info:

Upon finishing high school I wanted to experience the world, organize demonstrations, and learn to live on my own. I had a lot of passion, but didn't know what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. At that point it didn't make sense to me to go straight into college... Read More

Lawrence Goodman

Contact info: 401-626-4704

I focused on playwriting, and had a truly amazing experience. When they told me it would be life changing, I was skeptical, but it was just that. I got an amazing amount of attention and feedback from my advisors. I emerged with a full vision of the kind of writer I... Read More

Lisa Marling

Contact info: 513-291-4033

Goddard not only deepened my creativity, it prepared me academically for my doctoral program. My focus was on short story and novel, but culminated in the writing of my memoir. I had two advisors; they were quite different, but held their own strengths. As different as... Read More

Lisa Wells

Contact info:

Lisa Wells graduated from Goddard's BFA in Creative Writing program in 2012. She is the author of the poetry chapbook BEAST (Bedouin Books, 2012) and a book of essays, Yeah. No. Totally... Read More

Louise Halsey

Contact info: 501-650-5090

My focus turned out to be on relationships. I studied the relationship of art to society, my relationship to other artists both contemporary and historical. I looked at my relationship to my parents who were both visual artists as well as how I related to other textile... Read More

Lowell Williams

Contact info: 603-886-1353

My writing focus at Goddard was to become a playwright. I'd always felt quite alone in my dedication to writing. No one I knew worked at it the way that I did or thought about writing as I did. And, everything I wrote was amazing. It was like being five years old and... Read More

Maggie Shopen Thompson

Contact info:

Focusing on the memoir genre during my four semesters at Goddard, I worked with three faculty advisors. They were accessible, insightful, knowledgeable, encouraging and skilled at providing the specific literary tools and feedback I needed to move forward with my writing... Read More

Midge Guerrera

Contact info: 908-369-3341

If you are looking for a graduate program in creative writing, look no further! I read brochures, visited campuses, figured out costs and then visited Goddard. The search stopped. I had come home to Goddard. It can be your home too. Give me a call and we can talk about... Read More

Mike Keller

Contact info: 520/299-6008

Shortly after graduation, I was telling an acquaintance about the low-residency Goddard program. “Oh, a distance program,” she remarked, with some disdain. I continued on, saying that in the Goddard program, I spent more face-to-face time with faculty than in a... Read More

Mollie Burke

Contact info:

Goddard was a perfect fit for me. I am a self-motivated person and Goddard allowed me to follow my interests, with the added benefit of wonderful guidance from my advisors. I formed close friendships during the residencies, and consider that a very significant part of... Read More

Peyton McCoy

Contact info:

I would describe my Goddard journey as a watershed experience. There is no one event or moment which... Read More

Phillip Robertson

Contact info:
Email: Skype: phillip.robertson72

As an artist and father I do not think I could have earned my MFA without the low-residency program at Goddard.  The flexibility of the program allowed me to work full time, study what was most important to me and have time for my family.  While at Goddard I created a... Read More

Richard Brunner

Contact info: 603-369-2646

As an older student I was hesitant to return to school but my experience at Goddard in the Health Arts and Sciences Program was a gift where I felt both understood and nurtured in the process. I focused my studies on what I know and love; dance movement therapy and... Read More

Roxanne Joseph

Contact info: 416.503.2551

My overall experience at Goddard was unlike any other institution of higher learning. For the first time in my life, I was in control of my education. My final portfolio was called Cooking Authentic Canadian Cuisine: Provisions for your Soul and my areas of study... Read More

Sharon Wallace

Contact info:

Playwriting was my concentration at Goddard. I focused on plot, character development, dialogue, scene movement, and development of the dramatic arch.

The mentoring relationships between me and my faculty advisors were phenomenal. They were supportive and... Read More

Shawn Kerivan

Contact info:

I came to Goddard’s MFA in Creative Writing program on the cusp of middle age, dragging a lifetime of writing behind me that looked more like a junk drawer than an organized career. I had stuff everywhere. I had talent, but I didn’t have focus, because I’d never taken... Read More

Synnika Lofton

Contact info:

Goddard College holds an undeniable place in my writing/recording career. In 2000, I arrived with a plan of action, an objective: to explore what it means to be an artist in today’s world. I was admitted into the undergraduate program—when Goddard had a residential... Read More

Tammy Hanks

Contact info: 505-867-1381

Getting my Masters at Goddard was one of the most enlightening, transformative experiences of my life. Before Goddard, being a lesbian rebel who thought outside the box had pretty much only gotten me grief (especially in my home state of Texas!), but at Goddard, I found... Read More

Trisha Denton

Contact info:

Raised in the ailing suburbs surrounding Detroit's sister city, Pontiac, Michigan, at a young age I found myself fighting to stabilize my creative and emotional sensibilities that turned hard circumstances into grand mythologies.

As a high-school push out, I was... Read More

Wallace Wilhoit

Contact info:

I had a very positive overall experience at Goddard. I’m a great fan of Harry Potter; and Goddard was my “Hogwarts.” I’m a playwright and I wrote a musical for my thesis project. I owe a great debt to my two advisors. I was allowed to chart my own direction, learn from... Read More